Video Game Designers – How to Become One

Sep 24, 2022 my blog

Becoming one of the top video game designers is easily one of the most desirable jobs in the world, let alone in the gaming industry. Video game designers are expected to know some programming languages (mainly C++), be graphically competent, enthusiastic, and on a more conceptual level, they need to be extremely creative, and full of good ideas. Above all, you should have an undying love for video games (obviously). These are the main things that video game companies look for when they’re hiring. Apart from loving games, you should also know the industry back to front, and have a สล็อต good grasp on what makes a good game different from a bad game. The best way to learn this skill is to play lots of video games, and to analyse them as you go. Simple, mindless playing won’t get you very far, although you will become aware of a lot of things on a subconscious level.

In addition to this, to make it in the industry you’ll need exceptional problem-solving skills, and a wealth of patience. During the testing of a game, there are many sleepless nights, where the developers will all be working on bugs and problems, fearing the game’s deadline date. You must be the kind of person that will solve all of these problems at any cost. That is what makes you attractive to games companies.

Remember that a games company looking to hire someone wants that person to be as passionate as they are. Imagine if you were making a game – would you hire people who didn’t seem too bothered about it? Of course not!

One way to get a foothold in the industry, which can eventually lead you to being a games designer, is by first becoming a games tester. A good games tester must show many of the required qualities that a designer must also have, so comparisons can be drawn, and it is a natural step up.